Tow your way to the perfect wedding!

Tow Your Way To The Perfect Wedding

This is one of the most special days for you and your significant other, celebrating the completion of your bond is a unique occasion and gives you a great place to show how creative you and your couple are. Even when there are incredible include you can include on your wedding ceremony or party that might seem creative, they have been used by a great amount of couples before, so don’t be afraid to give it your own touch and make your way to the perfect wedding.

For example, you might start with something small including a technological twist into it. If you’re a fan of social networks and don’t get well with handwriting, you can think of passing a flip-cam to all your guests so they can record a unique message and then you can compile them with the help of an app like wedit. Including a guest box is a great way to make your guests like the idea of filming themselves, some of them might be introvert, so this space could be comfortable.

If you’re more into photography, then including some vintage frames to take Polaroid-like pictures would be awesome. As soon as your guests have a picture of themselves, they can attach it to a very creative guest book that includes a little message written by them. You will look at this guestbook in 5 or 10 years and have fun by comparing the past looks of your friends with the current ones.

Speaking of vintage stuff

This idea might be the most appealing one to those food loving couples. Food trucks are awesome as you can choose from a great variety of food or desserts to include in your reception. It doesn’t matter if you love kebabs, pizza, muffins or poutine, we can be sure that there is at least one food truck that serves it. Of course, you need to be aware that if these trucks have a vintage looking, they are indeed old so they can fail to show at your wedding due to a fault. This is the time to tow your way to the perfect wedding! There are websites such as that can provide you a towing service and carry your favorite food truck to your reception. Don’t let any obstacle interfere with the joy of your celebration.

For those who want to make their inner child go out, there are immense inflatable castles that can be used by adults to have some fun without the need to dance until feet hurt. Be sure to hire an inflatable castle for kids as well, they often get bored and might go crazy if they see a great castle but are not allowed in.

As said before, this is the best time and place to show how fun and unique are the moments you share with your beloved one. Throw a party that your family and friends will never forget, but most important, a party you, newlyweds, will treasure forever.

How to find the perfect wedding dress

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Weddings are very special events full of joy that mark the beginning of a wonderful journey of love where two people decide to share their lives with each other and start a family. This day is full of tradition, wedding gifts and magic for both, groom and bride.


Weddings may be stressing because of the details that need attention to have the most perfect day of all, a day so magical and wonderful that will make us smile everytime we remember it for a long, long time.


The wedding dress


A very critical part of weddings is the wedding dress, nothing more important for a bride like finding the perfect dress for the occasion, they want to look beautiful and show their best and prettier side to the world and have the perfect dress for the perfect wedding with the perfect groom.


Many girls have dreamed with their wedding and the dress they would use, since they were children, nothing more iconic that a wedding dress, that magical and usually white dress that will reflect the beauty of joy and the illusion for beginning a new family with the man they chose as partner in the adventure of life.


How to find the perfect wedding dress for your magical day


There are many styles of wedding dress, so many, and you may feel overwhelmed at the moment of select yours. Here are some advices for you


1- First, decide which style you want, select between romantic, modern, old and more, there are many specialized magazines that will show you the styles and the tendencies of the season.


2- Second, take in count the season and the location of your wedding, for example, a dress for a wedding in the beach or in summer days would never be used in winter or inside a church.


3- Third, the shape of your body is a very important aspect to be considered, sometimes you can see a wonderful dress that looks amazing when a model uses it, but it isn’t ideal for your body in particular and when you wear it then it doesn’t look so amazing, there are many advices in the specialized websites and magazines to help you.


4- Fourth, select a good fashion designer or dressmaker to make your perfect dress.


5- Fifth, match the dress style with the wedding style.


6- Sixth dare yourself to innovate, don´t be afraid to try something new if you want to, remember, that’s your day and you are the most shining star.


7- Seventh don´t hesitate to look for help, there are many experts that are able to help you.

4 tips for finding the perfect wedding gift

Wedding Gift How To Find The Right One

Weddings are days full of happiness, the formal beginning of a wonderful journey of two people who love each other and in the same way they hearts are connected. They decided to connect their lives in order to start a family together with love and commitment, so that day must be very special. That’s why receiving happiness and love from relatives and friends is important.

The new couple has to face a day full of excitement and many emotions, some of them contradictory, and at the end of the day, they are exhausted but eager to start their new adventure.

The wedding gifts

Relative and friends can demonstrate their support and love to the new couple with the wedding gifts, a very extended tradition that help us to show our feelings for them and at the same time help the couple in their new life.


Tips to find the perfect wedding gift

There are several kind of wedding gifts that people can give to their newly married friends, and find the perfect one can be a titanic task, you have to give them a special gift, not repeated and something that the spouses can use, because of that you need to think well and there are four advices that will help you


1- Find out what the bridegroom and bride want, sometimes they want money and in that case you have to please them, but you can be original even giving money, take the bills and fold it into original and funny shapes and deliver them in a pretty case.


Sometimes they want something specific and even provide information where to get it, that makes your task easier, but once more, you can be original with the envelop or the way you present your gift.


2- If the bridegroom and bride don’t let you know what they want or need, then the advice is; take your time to know them and find out what do they need or like, it would be lovely that you give something to decorate their house that they really like instead of a beautiful jar that  they will hide for the rest of their life.


3- Maybe the gift you want for them or that they required is too expensive or you want to give them something very big and special, in that case you can contact other guests and buy the present as a group and share the cost.


4- If you know the new couple well, then you can stay away from conventional presents, you can give them something a little more personal, like a picture made by an artist for them, or a gift handmade, maybe you can hire the wedding planner so they can be more relaxed in their wedding day, or a reservation in a very special place, let your imagination free and think outside the box.

Wedding ideas for spring 2018

Wedding Ideas

Spring is the season of romance, when flowers bloom and winter fades away, the beautiful cold views, with naked trees and snowed empty spaces, get replaced by a view full of colors, flowers in blossom and trees proudly showing their new leafs, everything comes to life , slowing awaking from their white sleep.

Spring and weddings

This display of life and color is the perfect scenery for weddings, when love is in the air we breathe romance and everything looks prettier, it is a fact that many couples get married on spring days.

Spring days are profitable for wedding planners who are always aware of the tendencies in weddings for every season of the year. There are many specialized magazines with awesome and romantic ideas you can use in order to live a perfect day worth to be remembered and cherished for a long time as the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Some Ideas for your wedding this spring 2018

You and the love of your life are finally engaged, and now the date has been set, you decided to begin your new life together on spring days using its special and warm atmosphere that can be felt everywhere.

Well, here are some trendy ideas for your special day:

  • The color of the this year is violet, you can use it in flower arrangements, bouquets, invitations, napkins, etc., using some gold or copper accent on your purple decoration you will have a luxury and awesome effect.
  • Hanging flowers and greenery, this tendency is a creative and innovative idea that give a stunning effect besides it allows you to save space on your tables.
  • Black accents, you may think that black is an inappropriate color for a wedding use some black is trend this year, you can use it even in your wedding dress!.
  • Copper, the last year it was tendency the use of gold and now we will use copper, it is cheap but it look amazing, specially when it reflects lights, so use it in lanterns and tea light holders as well as details in cuttery, chairs, ribbons, etc.
  • Transparent elements, they will provide a classic, romantic and elegant environment and it will still being innovating-
  • Innovative invitations, invitations are  a very important part of a wedding, they are the first element that guest will see, this year, invitations will use non-traditional materials like wood and stones.

Now you can plan your wedding and use some of this ideas to make your special day really unforgettable.