Tow your way to the perfect wedding!

This is one of the most special days for you and your significant other, celebrating the completion of your bond is a unique occasion and gives you a great place to show how creative you and your couple are. Even when there are incredible include you can include on your wedding ceremony or party that might seem creative, they have been used by a great amount of couples before, so don’t be afraid to give it your own touch and make your way to the perfect wedding.

For example, you might start with something small including a technological twist into it. If you’re a fan of social networks and don’t get well with handwriting, you can think of passing a flip-cam to all your guests so they can record a unique message and then you can compile them with the help of an app like wedit. Including a guest box is a great way to make your guests like the idea of filming themselves, some of them might be introvert, so this space could be comfortable.

If you’re more into photography, then including some vintage frames to take Polaroid-like pictures would be awesome. As soon as your guests have a picture of themselves, they can attach it to a very creative guest book that includes a little message written by them. You will look at this guestbook in 5 or 10 years and have fun by comparing the past looks of your friends with the current ones.

Speaking of vintage stuff

This idea might be the most appealing one to those food loving couples. Food trucks are awesome as you can choose from a great variety of food or desserts to include in your reception. It doesn’t matter if you love kebabs, pizza, muffins or poutine, we can be sure that there is at least one food truck that serves it. Of course, you need to be aware that if these trucks have a vintage looking, they are indeed old so they can fail to show at your wedding due to a fault. This is the time to tow your way to the perfect wedding! There are websites such as that can provide you a towing service and carry your favorite food truck to your reception. Don’t let any obstacle interfere with the joy of your celebration.

For those who want to make their inner child go out, there are immense inflatable castles that can be used by adults to have some fun without the need to dance until feet hurt. Be sure to hire an inflatable castle for kids as well, they often get bored and might go crazy if they see a great castle but are not allowed in.

As said before, this is the best time and place to show how fun and unique are the moments you share with your beloved one. Throw a party that your family and friends will never forget, but most important, a party you, newlyweds, will treasure forever.